Extra Mile Allies

They skate. We run.

Who They Are

Extra Mile Allies is a group of women from across the National Hockey League coming together as allies and going the extra mile, literally and figuratively; not only for themselves, but also for charity.

This group was created by Julie Petry, wife of Canadiens’ defenseman Jeff Petry, when she was trying to think of a way to give back to the community while trying to balance life as new mom. Julie quickly figured out that no day is ever the same and time is even more precious than before baby. However, one thing she always manages to make time for everyday is some sort of exercise.

I created EMA because I wanted to give back more to the communities we call home and help promote healthy and active living, which has always been so important to me.  I also wanted to bring together my fellow hockey sisters that feel inspired to do the same! – Julie Petry, Jeff Petry’s wife.

Exercise has always been an important aspect of her life, so she began thinking of ways she could use that time and put some greater meaning to it. That is when it clicked; she would create a group that included women from across the NHL to join her team, Extra Mile Allies, to run a half marathon for charity.

What They Do

In September 2016, Extra Mile Allies ran the Oasis Rock’N’Roll 1/2 Marathon in Montreal. Many ladies across the NHL were ask to commit to joining Extra Mile Allies. As a part of this group, each Extra Mile Ally commited to raise a minimum of $1,000. Over $25,000 was raised through this initiative. The money was donated to two charities that support underprivileged kids: the Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation and the JP Foundation (Julie and Jeff Petry’s foundation).

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2016 Group

Below are the participants who were part of the 2016 Extra Mile Allies:

  • Julie Petry  – Fondatrice
  • Angela Price
  • Katia Pacioretty
  • Alyssa Flynn
  • Stefani Pateryn
  • Kodette LaBarbera
  • Lauren Rodych
  • Stevi Jo Donnay
  • Geneviève Boisvert
  • Leigh-Ann McGowan
  • Ania Komisarek
  • Josée Tremblay
  • Geneviève Paquette – Foundation Team
  • Sara Pontbriand – Foundation Team
  • Marie-Pier Perron – Foundation Team
  • Mélanie Bergeron – Foundation Team