What is the BLEU BLANC BOUGE Rinks program?

In 2008, the Foundation launched its flagship project which involves the construction of outdoor, refrigerated and multisport rinks. By providing leadership for this initiative, the Foundation ensures the realization of this unifying project according to defined criteria and in line with its objectives.

Over the last 10 years, the Foundation has invested more than half of its funds in the implementation of its BLEU BLANC BOUGE program, which represent an investment of more than $1.7 million per rink.

The success of the BLEU BLANC BOUGE program lies in the mobilization and commitment of stakeholders from different sectors: contractors, community consultation committees, schools, unions’ volunteers, people from the corporate world and all the boroughs involved in this project. The Foundation is proud to partner with them and offer a unique program of its kind, which contributes to the quality of life and health of thousands of children.

Helping underprivileged youth to be active

The Foundation responds to the crying need for quality sport infrastructures for underprivileged neighborhoods, allowing thousands of children and their families to benefit from an active lifestyle. This program supports the efforts of local organizations and is part of a concerted strategy to help children in these areas. It primarily aims to develop healthy lifestyles among youth of the neighborhoods where they are located. Primary and secondary schools are the first to hold a variety of supervised activities. Program committees of each borough also make facilities available for citizens.



Quality community rinks all year-round

Built according to NHL standards, the infrastructure provides the necessary versatility for other sports to be played according to the time of year. Predominantly used for ice hockey from November to mid-March, the rinks become an ideal playground for disciplines such as basketball, soccer, ball hockey and other types of games during the spring, summer and fall months.

To date, 13 BLEU BLANC BOUGE rinks have become active gathering places of pride for communities in the following boroughs and cities:






  • Jonquière : Patro de Jonquière
    2565 Saint-Dominique St.




The Foundation has also committed to donate, in December 2021, an additional skating rink to the municipality of Saguenay. This new infrastructure will bring the number of BLEU BLANC BOUGE ice rinks built by the Foundation to 13 since the creation of its flagship project.